25 Must-Know Laundry Room Organization Ideas

The laundry room can rank first among the dirtiest places in your home. Dirty clothes, dryer sheets and detergent pods can quickly pile up and take up valuable space you would normally need to fold and store things. Keep things tidy using these 25 best laundry room organization ideas!

Some of these tips are as simple as buying a certain product that can transform your space into great ideas like moving your laundry room to a completely different space or installing your own linen closet. Choose the laundry organization idea that’s right for you to help keep your space fresh and clean!

25 laundry room organization ideas

1. Use a space-saving dryer

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to dry your clothes while saving space, try this drying rack. With 18 feet of drying space and a 20-pound weight capacity, this eco-friendly dryer can easily hold a load or two. Best part? It is easily foldable and can be stored in its storage space! Honey Can Do drying rack, $39, joann.com

2. Simply organize with a storage bin

Got more Tide pods than you know what to do with? Keep everything in one place with this storage bin! This clear trash can can fit any laundry room aesthetic while keeping things organized. Simplify Small Lidded Storage Bin, $12, joann.com

3. Install steel shelves

Make laundry a little more organized and fun with these shelves. Perfect for organizing detergents, dirty laundry and a missing sock or two! BOAXEL, $78, ikea.com

4. Use a utility cart

Perfect for storing dryer sheets, laundry balls and stain removers, this tiered rolling laundry cart holds all the cleaning supplies you could need and more. In addition, its 4 wheels make it easy to move around the laundry room when the loads seem endless! Thin metal tiered rolling laundry cart utility shelf. $29, mdesignhomedecor.com

5. Consider Mesh Sorter Bags

Let your laundry game shine with this cool rolling laundry cart that has four different mesh bags to make sorting easier than ever! Whether you separate your towels and t-shirts or your gym clothes from your work clothes, this useful basket has plenty of room for all your items. Honey Can Do Deluze Quad Mesh Sorter Bags, $59.99, joann.com

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6. Bring your laundry closer

This laundry organization idea is perfect for anyone who is tired of being in a sea of ​​dirty clothes and a disorganized mess! Consider moving your laundry room to a more accessible room in the house, such as downstairs or closer to your bedroom. This way, you’ll have more energy to do a little more tidying up than going up and down the stairs so many times!

7. Organize loose items in clear glass jars

Tired of realizing you’ve run out of an essential laundry item until it’s too late? Try storing things in clear glass jars to keep track of how much you use or when you need to get to the store! Large Canister Storage Jar for Laundry Storage – 3 Pack, $20, mdesignhomedecor.com

8. Place a shelf between your washer and dryer

Consider placing a shelf between your washer and dryer to store laundry essentials like detergent, stain remover, and other essentials. So you’ll always have them at hand instead of rummaging through cupboards!

9. Consider mesh bags for your delicates

Reliably protect your delicate clothes from tears and rips or provide enough space for bulky items like scarves or soft toys with these mesh bags! This home essential is perfect for laundry rooms, closets or even purses. Mesh Wash Bag for Delicates, Bra, Lingerie – Multicolor Zippers, 4 Pack, $13, mdesignhomedecor.com

10. Take your laundry anywhere

This two-tier laundry hamper might be the answer to your laundry prayers, especially if you’re short on floor space. Take this rolling cart from room to room without having to worry about lugging a heavy bag everywhere. Vertical Stacked Fabric Laundry Hamper with Wheels, Dark Grey, $65, mdesignhomedecor.com

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11. Stack storage bins next to the washer

Perfect for those with small spaces, stacked storage bins are a great way to store essentials without having to compromise on space. Plus, there are great ways to design and customize them for a cute or funky laundry room aesthetic.

12. Invest in a metal laundry cart

Laundry will become second nature with this sleek and stylish laundry cart that features large, bold lettering separating light, delicate and dark! There are 3 removable bags that you can simply grab and go. Oceanstar Metal Laundry Cart, $88, lowes.com

13. Try a DIY hanger organizer

This fun and quick DIY project may be the ultimate laundry organization idea and space saver in the laundry room and closet. In addition, it will make it easier to store clothes!

14. Consider hiding the washer and dryer in a completely different room

If you have a smaller space, consider placing a washer and dryer in the living room or kitchen. You can install a shelf around the top and doors to cover appliances!

15. Bring the closet to you

This laundry organization idea is perfect for anyone with a studio! Consider hanging your clothes and placing other essentials near laundry appliances.

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16. Hide your dirty laundry in style

If you’re looking for a natural look to follow your bohemian chic style, try this wooden basket. This organizational tool has a removable inner bag which is convenient to carry from room to room! Oceanstar Wooden Laundry Hamper, $360, lowes.com

17. Install a linen closet

If you have the time and supplies, this laundry organization idea is a great way to keep dirty clothes out of sight and out of mind. While looking cute and saving you space!

18. Use neutral colored trash cans

When choosing baskets and bins to display in your laundry room, opt for neutral colors, such as white and beige. This way, everything you buy will look uniform when they’re all side by side on shelves and cabinets.

19. Use a hanging dryer

This fun and funky laundry tool is a great way to dry red socks, underwear, baby clothes, and other smaller clothing items. You can also hang this organizer just about anywhere! PRESSA, $7, ikea.com

20. Install Floating Shelves

If you need to keep things like laundry spray and towels away from the usual pile of dirty clothes, consider placing floating shelves on a nearby wall. This will keep them separate and prevent them from getting mixed up in the normal fuss that comes with laundry!

21. Add some curated color

If your laundry room needs a little cheer, consider investing in this colorful basket! Besides being cute, it’s also practical because its hinged top stays open so you don’t have to hold it when your hands are already full! Oceanstar wooden laundry basket. $109, lowes.com

22. Use a car wash

Create your own little folding station with this adorable sorter! The hamper provides roomy capacity and the 3 side shelves for storing laundry supplies or freshly laundered clothes or towels. Laundry Hamper Sorter with Bamboo Storage Shelves, $77, mdesignhomedecor.com

23. Use a drying rack over the door

This dryer offers additional drying options without taking up floor space! This essential laundry tool hangs over interior doors with no tools required. Over-the-door laundry rack, $34, mdesignhomedecor.com

24. Consider metal baskets

For a more industrial vintage feel, consider using lined wire baskets to store your detergent pods and other laundry essentials for a uniform look.

25. Invest in a rolling laundry sorter and drying rack

This mobile basket plus dryer makes sorting and organizing laundry simple and convenient. Plus, the four attached wheels provide 360 ​​degree rotation to make this laundry sorter easily portable without requiring you to lift it when it’s full! 3-Compartment Rolling Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar, $70, mdesignhomedecor.com

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