5 ideas to inspire you for the new year

Be the water, my friend

by Shannon Lee

Written by the legendary star’s daughter, this book is both a personal tribute and an insightful guide to the human values ​​and beliefs behind Bruce Lee’s life through martial arts. Mostly revered for his fame as an action movie star and kung fu master, it might seem like a startling revelation that Lee was also a learned thinker who not only studied philosophy but pursued a devout application of it in many areas of his life. First and foremost, Lee’s daughter explains her famous metaphor of being like water and, if desired, how anyone can apply it to grow as a human being. Be the water, my friend is an inspiring and symbolic read, especially as we enter the Year of the Water Tiger in 2022.

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Hawaiian Vegan Style Tasting

by Lillian Cumic

Want to start the year with more plant-based meals? Love trying new vegan recipes? This new spiral-bound vegan cookbook from Lillian Cumic features over 120 plant-based recipes. Some highlights include vegan versions of favorite condiments, like Worcestershire sauce and honey. There’s a vegan poke section and a “For the Curious Cook” recipe collection that includes plant-based twists on local comfort foods.

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Da Shop No more plastic in the ocean Lavinia Currier Mollie Ginther Credit courtesy of Da Shop Books And Curiosities

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More plastic in the ocean!

by Lavinia Currier, illustrated by Mollie Ginther

This book is a great way to introduce plastic pollution issues to our keiki. Said from the perspective of a friendly he’e, More plastic in the ocean! depicts the intrusion of our ‘ōpala on the homes of ocean creatures. With the help of Mahina’s magic, the trash is carried out of the ocean and back into the city, covering homes and businesses and making life miserable for the land’s inhabitants. The townspeople learn about the impact of their waste and how to mālama the ocean. At the end of the book is a glossary of Hawaiian words and a list of organizations working to combat plastics in the oceans.

Da Shop Hawaiian Word A Day Calendar Kahikahealani Wight Credit Courtesy Da Shop Books And Curiosities

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Hawaiian word-by-day calendar

by Kahikāhealani Wight

Although not quite a book, it is a practical and meaningful way to learn the language of our host culture. Each date (written in English and Hawaiian) introduces a word in ‘ōlelo Hawaiʻi with an illustration to accompany the definition. the Hawaiian word-by-day calendar is a great gift for the New Year and a helpful way to track the days, as our experience of time during this pandemic sometimes feels a bit abstract.

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Da Shop Paddling My Own Canoe Audrey Sutherland Credit Courtesy Da Shop Books And Curiosities

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Paddling My Own Canoe: A Solo Adventure on the Moloka’i Coast

by Audrey Sutherland

Whether you long for adventure IRL or want to experience it vicariously through a grand narrative, you will be inspired by the memoir of Audrey Sutherland, Paddling my own canoe. Sutherland’s account of his solo kayak trip off Moloka’i is great encouragement to be a little braver in the face of personal challenges. Sutherland’s motto, “Go Simple, Go Solo, Go Now” can be applied to all kinds of goals and growth you seek in the new year.

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