Asset Finance Company Commits to Sustainability with Neath Bee Farm

One of the UK’s leading asset funders, Close Brothers Asset Finance, has developed a unique partnership with Bee 1, a Welsh provider of bee-focused CSR and sustainability programs for businesses and schools.

The deal will see Close Brothers Asset Finance adopt two beehives to live on the Bee1 farm in Neath, introducing over 20,000 bees to the ecosystem.

In addition to its own bees, Close Brothers Asset Finance will receive training, as well as its own honey and bee bombs to plant in employees’ homes.

Emma Jones, Marketing Director, Close Brothers Asset Finance, comments:

To mark reaching 10,000 followers on LinkedIn, we chose to “invest” in a beehive rather than give away prizes, because with the decline of pollinators, we thought it was a a more sustainable and nature-friendly option that not only benefits ourselves, but more importantly. , plants that depend on bees for pollination.

As part of our celebrations, we will be running an internal competition to encourage our colleagues’ children to name the Queen Bee and submit hand-drawn pictures.

We are really looking forward to receiving our first jars of honey – there is already a long list of people waiting in line!

Mark Douglas, founder and chief beekeeper at Bee-1, is equally delighted to have signed this agreement:

It’s really great to meet companies like Close Brothers who really care about the environment, their carbon footprint and our wonderful bees. This partnership goes far beyond simply welcoming new bees into the world. It’s about educating and training the Close Brothers workforce to help them become a truly responsible company while raising awareness about the importance of bees. We look forward to working with the team on the campaign and many more in the future!

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