Bring the ‘Minecraft’ bee farm to life with this discounted LEGO set

Save 20% on this popular LEGO set if you order it from Amazon today.

Get the LEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm set for sale on amazon


Building LEGO sets is fun. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I built these as a kid whenever my parents bought them for me, and I still build them to this day whenever I see a set I want to buy myself. However, they can be a bit pricey, which is why I was thrilled to see this deal on the LEGO “Minecraft” Bee Farm set for 20% off on Amazon.

LEGO Minecraft The Bee Farm

This 238-piece LEGO set (#21165) includes everything you need to recreate the bee farm from “Minecraft”. Along with the parts needed to craft the farm itself, you’ll also get:

  • (1) Winged Beekeeper
  • (1) Villagers
  • (1) baby sheep
  • (4) Friendly bees
  • (4) Angry Bees
  • (1) Rotating steering wheel support

With all of these pieces in hand, you or your kids can build the bee farm and bring the scene to life as you put friendly bees against angry bees in back-and-forth role play. If playing with the stage isn’t your thing, this piece is ideal as an end display with finished dimensions of 7″ x 6″ x 5″. So it will take up a decent amount of room on a table or shelf, but it is sure to be a hit among LEGO and “Minecraft” fans.

LEGO sets tend to sell out pretty quickly, so be sure to head over to the Amazon website today and order your “Minecraft” Bee Farm kit.

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