Christmas 2021: Gift ideas for whiskey drinkers

One of the distinct joys of whiskey is sipping a drink and soaking up the heat on a chilly vacation night.

Here are some great bottles and gift boxes for the whiskey aficionado in your life.


Macallan Brand Ambassador Hans Eckstein with A Night on Earth in Scotland. Veyra Jeeves

Macallan celebrates New Year’s traditions across the world through whiskey with the new series of phrases “A Night on Earth”.

For the first bottle in the series, The Macallan captures Scotland’s famous Hogmanay festival in a bottle with “A Night on Earth in Scotland”. This expression is packaged in a beautiful collector’s box in a box designed by Franco-Japanese illustrator and Wes Anderson collaborator Erica Dorn inspired by the rituals of Hogmanay.

Macallan’s leading whiskey maker Sarah Burgess took inspiration from fond family memories of Hogmanay to create this rich and evocative expression with a cookie-like nose with an aroma of apple, plum and almond. It has notes of shortbread, lightly toasted marshmallow, dried oranges, fig and cinnamon on the palate. The baked cookies linger on the whiskey finish.

A Night on Earth in Scotland has a suggested retail price of P7,600 per 700ml bottle and is available through,, Forth and Tay, Solid Wine and Spirits, Future Trade International Inc. and Grand Cru Wines and Spirit.


Highland Park Viking Heart.  Veyra Jeeves
Highland Park Viking Heart. Veyra Jeeves

While the new 15-year-old Viking Heart’s Viking Heart-inspired white porcelain bottle from Highland Park is breathtaking in itself and is sure to stand out in any whiskey collector’s display case, this It is still the rich golden scotch inside the bottle which is the main draw of this permanent addition to the heart of the Orkney distillery range.

It was blended by Highland Park Master Whiskey Gordon Motion with American oak barrels seasoned with sherry for the palate of vanilla and crème brûlée with the peat and heather smoke which are a hallmark of the label, and European oak barrels seasoned with first fill sherry for the lingering hot and spicy finish.

It can be a little intimidating for new whiskey drinkers, but for those who have grown into the more learned notes and flavors of whiskey, this is a great dram to pair with Christmas dinner parties.

The Highland Park Viking Heart is now available for purchase from whiskey retailers, specialty liquor stores, and online retailers.


Burning Heart Box Compass.  Veyra Jeeves
Burning Heart Box Compass. Veyra Jeeves

Although the Compass Box whiskey brand does not have its own distillery, this daring whiskey maker is known for mixing and matching scotch for cutting edge blends.

The latest iteration of the Flaming Heart Compass Box is no exception with all of the artistic brands of the boutique whiskey mixer. Behind the avant-garde label hides a perfect blend for whiskey drinkers who want to explore peat and smoke. A sip begins with the sweet and honeyed notes of a Speyside scotch, but let it linger on your palate and the typical peat and smoke of an Islay whiskey comes out for a memorable dram.

Available on with an SRP of 8,799 P for a 700 ml bottle. Limit of one bottle per customer.


Jack Daniels Whiskey Society of the Philippines Edition.  Veyra Jeeves
Jack Daniels Whiskey Society of the Philippines Edition. Veyra Jeeves

Last year, Jack Daniels and the Whiskey Society of the Philippines collaborated on a barrel choice. WSP members were surveyed for flavor profile and ABV (alcohol by volume) strength. The results were sent to the Tennessee Distillery for Assistant Distiller Lexie Phillips to choose a barrel to imbue the flavor profile.

The result is 192 bottles of robust, full-bodied bourbon that is only available in the Philippines. It’s a distinct privilege for Filipino bourbon lovers to have this as Jack Daniels won’t be making a barrel pick anytime soon. The bottle even comes with a chain and WSP medallion to commemorate this special edition.

Available on with an SRP of P4.499 for a 700ml bottle. Limit of one bottle per customer.


Johnnie Walker gift sets. Handout

For Johnnie Walker fans who always wanted to taste the most expensive bottles, this special holiday-themed gift set is for you. Each of the gift boxes is packed with 50cl tasting bottles of the top edition bottles.

The best-selling JW Black Label comes with a gift box that includes a sample of the JW Double Black and the JW Aged 18 Years. A sample of JW Gold Label Reserve and JW Aged 18-Year-Old comes with the JW Double Black gift pack.

For a sip of the must-have JW Blue Label, the 50cl samplers come with a JW Gold Label Reserve Honey Gift Box and a warm and creamy JW 18-Year-Old Gift Box.

It’s a great way for new whiskey drinkers to broaden their horizons without breaking the bank. All gift sets are available at your favorite liquor stores and online at Diageo Shopee and Lazada stores.


Chivas x June Digan.  Handout
Chivas x June Digan. Handout

Chivas Regal is teaming up with award-winning Filipino artist June Digan to design limited edition gift sets.

“We have always told the story of Chivas through Scottish eyes. But this time around, we have a chance to say it through Filipino eyes, ”said Tony Atayde, Marketing Manager at Chivas Regal.

Digan mixes luxury and whiskey iconography for each of the editions, with rue Pinoy motifs in the gift boxes. From the Chivas 12 with notes of apple, pear, vanilla and honey, the Chivas XV, with flavors of oranges, marmalade, honey, cinnamon, juicy raisins and butterscotch; and the Chivas 18, with more than 20 of the rarest single malts and aged in barrels for 18 years, with a mouthfeel of dark chocolate, orange, toffee, vanilla, cinnamon and almond, the Chivas basic range will delight any drinker. of whiskey.

The gift boxes come with a 700 ml bottle of Chivas 12, Chivas XV or Chivas 18 with two glass cups.

Available now at your favorite liquor stores and e-commerce sites.

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