Curtain Fringe Ideas: The ’70s-Inspired Style That’s Back

We thought we’d never see the light of day, but curtain fringe is back with a, well, bang. And while the modern resurgence isn’t a carbon copy of the original 1970s style, curtain fringe has a cool, nostalgic vibe that’s almost certainly part of the appeal.

For the uninitiated, as the name suggests, some bangs are lightly grown out bangs that are parted in the middle, like a pair of curtains. Because they are a bit longer than your typical bangs, curtain bangs tend to make hairstyles easy compared to classic fringe hairstyles and are less burdensome in terms of maintenance and daily styling.

“I have received curtain requests from so many customers this year, with more and more celebrities trying this style and trending on social media,” says Fekkai stylist Elidona Pjetraj. “Because they’re purposely cut to frame your face, the growth is very natural and effortless.”

As a visual reference, the most iconic curtain bangs of all time belong to the original Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett and French pin-up Brigitte Bardot with her timeless feathered cut. But the style didn’t die out with disco after the ’70s, hair icons of all eras, from Jennifer Lopez to the Duchess of Cambridge, experimented with the look at some point.

Farrah Fawcett with curtain bangs in the 1970s

Farrah Fawcett’s signature curtain bangs

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How to Choose the Best Curtain Fringe Style

Curtain bangs can work for almost any hair type and texture, from curly hairstyles to bob hairstyles and more. Consider the following when deciding if this versatile style is right for you:

  • Face shape: “What I love the most about curtain bangs is that they can be adjusted to suit everyone – they can be done on any face shape or hair texture,” says Pjetraj. . “You can style them in so many ways: straight, wavy, naturally shaped, with a ponytail or pinned back.
  • Hair Thickness: Certain hair types may require specific curtain bangs to be cut. “When the hair is thick enough, it can blend in too much with the rest of the hair, so it’s important to cut it thick enough so that it stands out,” advises legendary hairstylist Larry King.
  • Toppings: “Usually my clients wait the six to eight week mark to get their bangs redone, although with something shorter – say if the benchmark is the eye or the high cheekbone – to maintain that they may want to- be popping in for bangs after three to four weeks,” advises Sian Quinn, Headmasters Artistic Ambassador.

Curtain Fringe: 21 Looks Our Beauty Team Loves

Curtain bangs with short hair

A bob with bangs is a chic and timeless hairstyle, but a curtain twist brings the look into the present. Another short haircut that is a huge hair trend in 2022 is the shag – a cool 70s retro look that perfectly complements center-parted bangs.

1. The rounded bob with curtain bangs

This chic, girlish style works best on oval and heart-shaped faces and really enhances the bone structure, bringing out those cheekbones.

2. The rounded bob with curtain bangs

This beautiful style looks brilliant on straight but not too straight hair – the best straightening brushes will help you achieve the right level of smoothness.

3. The short haircut with curtain bangs

Double down on the 1970s style by combining a layered haircut with center-parted bangs. The trick to keeping this look modern is knowing how to style the hair in layers for choppy definition.

4. The Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

Medium to thick hair textures, as well as naturally wavy hairstyles will bring some nice movement to this cute short bob with layers.

5. The classic lob with curtain bangs

A lob hairstyle is a great option for anyone with a square or round face, as the extra length is a bit more forgiving. Paired here with tapered curtain bangs, this style is very versatile.

Curtain bangs with medium length hair

Who doesn’t love shoulder length hair? Long enough to put hair in place, short enough to be relatively low maintenance. The only problem with versatile midi styles is that they can struggle to make a statement, and that’s where curtain bangs can help.

6. Heavy curtain bangs with shoulder-length hair

Ultra-long curtain bangs with a beautiful blow-dry is such a stylish look. The beauty of bangs this length is that they grow out fairly quickly in even layers, so it’s a low-risk way to dip your toe into the trend.

7. The long curled lob with curtain bangs

Fringes and bobbin curtains are a match made in heaven. Depending on your type of curls, your stylist may want to dry-cut them, which will ensure they reach a flattering length at their most springy.

8. Classic beach waves with curtain bangs

Showing how curtain fringe doesn’t have to be a huge statement, this subtle beach look combines long, tapered front sections with face-framing layers and a subtle wave.

9. The Soft Curtain Fringe and Midi Cut

Adult curtain fringe is a look all its own. Try creating a bouncy blow-dry and wrapping the front sections back around a large fanned brush to recreate this style.

10. The Volumized Parisian Style with Curtain Fringe

Shaggy, choppy with lots of va-va-voom volume, this look has bags of je ne sais quoi. Oval, heart, and square face shapes work best with blunt cuts like this. For long-lasting root lift, dust some texturizing powder into your fingertips and gently tease the roots.

Curtain bangs with long hair

Long hair with curtain bangs is the iconic bohemian girl hairstyle. It’s also probably the most demanding look here, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra styling effort, it’ll be richly rewarded with flattering, flowing styles.

11. The long shag cut with curtain bangs

This beautiful, flowing style complements naturally wavy hair perfectly, or you can fake it using large, hot rollers and a mist of hairspray.

12. The curtain bangs the ponytail

Whoever said ponytails are boring had never seen a pony with curtain bangs. It’s a great option when you don’t have much time, increase your lengths and you just have to style the bangs.

13. The ultra layered flicky style

Farrah Fawcett devours your heart! It’s a real nod to the past and can be created with a large vented brush and the best hair dryer. Apply a little mousse before drying to help the style hold.

14. Feathery Waves with Curtain Fringe

This cool, flexible wave is best achieved by learning to curl hair with a straightener, rather than a curling iron which creates a rounder curl. Center your hair for a more contemporary appeal.

15. The long, choppy curtain

Showing just how artful curtain bangs can make fine hair look thicker, this flattering style combines shiny bangs with cute kicks and kicks through the ends.

Curtain bangs with curly hair

Curtain bangs + curls = retro-modern perfection. From loose waves to natural hairstyles with bends and coils, these eye-framing sections in the front give a beautiful shape to a head of curly hair.

16. The Curly Curtain Mid-Length Fringe

Getting a nice curl parting is key to this look. Try following the Curly Girl way to get shiny, defined curls in the front of your hairstyle.

17. The Shoulder-Length Wavy Curly Style

The combination of cut and color makes this style stand out. To achieve this sun-kissed look, ask for balayage hair in warm honey and creamy vanilla tones.

18. The corkscrew curtain slams

This gorgeous natural hairstyle combines tight, curly curls with ultra-fine highlights throughout the hair for a multi-toned effect. A curly cream applied to damp hair will help achieve a shiny parting.

19. Coily up-do with curtain bangs

This curtain bangs add instant interest to this easy updo. Pull your hair up into a super high ponytail and rake forward with your fingers, securing it with hidden bobby pins, then pull out a few flattering tendrils.

20. The shaggy curly cut with curtain bangs

This very soft curly bob with curtain bangs is especially flattering on oval and heart-shaped faces. Use a diffuser while drying to gently shape your hair, then tousle it with a little wax or pomade to get those modern, fluffy edges.

21. Curly Loose Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle is all about the cut – ask your stylist to create a blunt shape by layering the bangs and sides, gaining weight on the ends.

woman&home thanks hairdressers Elidona Pjetraj for FEKKAI, Sian Quinn of Directors and Larry King, founder of Larry King Lounges, for their time and expertise

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