Do you feel inspired by Masterchef? Here are some tasty jaffle recipe ideas to try at home

My favorite pandemic purchase was a used jaffle maker.

But since I splurged (a total of $10!) on it, I was honestly very bored.

I basically treated it like a regular sandwich press and opted for the classic (boring) mix of ham, cheese and tomato toastie.

But the point of a jaffle maker is to seal all the wild ingredients you can find into two toasted and buttered pieces of bread.

As we saw in Sunday’s Masterchef episode of Network Ten, there’s an art to making the perfect jaffle.

So to inspire me further, I asked the jaffle queens of Sydney, and ABC Everyday Facebook groupfor their ideas.

The essentials of the jaffle

Vaseliki (Vass) Vais and Michelle (Mish) Weir run a jaffle cafe in southern Sydney, one of the few dedicated jaffle restaurants in the country.

To start your jaffle journey, they say you’ll need a good jaffle maker.

Unlike a toastie, a jaffle encloses the toppings inside so they don’t leak.

While you can try folding the crusts or sealing them with a fork, trying to use a stove top or sandwich press will usually end up with a toastie or mess to clean up.

The next thing you’ll need is some high-quality butter, to spread on the outside of your bread for that crispy, golden goodness.

Salt and pepper will also make everything taste better, but you don’t have to always stick to bread as your base.

“If you want a change, you can always bake them in puff pastry,” says Vass.

“Particularly [if you use leftovers like] curries, it tastes a bit like a whiff of curry. That’s really nice.”

The Best Jaffle Ingredient Combinations

One of Vass and Mish’s signature dishes is a breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, caramelized onions, relish and cheese.

As cold weather approaches, they come out of winter warmers as a mix of shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes and cheese mix, which works well on puff pastry or plain bread.

Vass and Mish say spag bol makes a tasty jaffle, as do leftover roast lamb and gravy-dipped vegetables.

Our Facebook group also had lots of great ideas:

“Canned spaghetti and white bread. Bonus points if it explodes and runs all over the jaffle iron.” Emi

my friends and [I] used to organize jaffle parties every winter where we had to invent an original jaffle. The best was goat cheese and chutney, as well as corned beef with cream. . . [I’m] thinking about making one that incorporates fermented fish this year.” To the

“Tuna, cheese and mayonnaise… it tastes a bit like mornay tuna” Sharryn

“Apple, cheese and a tiny bit of chilli honey” merran

Ultimately, Vass says you can jaffle with just about anything.

“The thing about a jaffle is you can throw anything in there, just any scraps, and you’re good to go.”

And for dessert? More jaffles

Getting creative with jaffles is something Vass and Mish were so passionate about that they opened a jaffle cafe. (Provided)

Jaffles can be sweet too — Vass and Mish even turned hot buns into jaffles this Easter.

“We used a hot cross as a base, then filled it with Nutella and Caramilk, with Easter eggs on top.”

You can also try these suggestions:

Nutella and strawberries Sarah

Grated toblerone, sliced ​​banana, fresh raspberries, sliced ​​marshmallows. You’re welcome Lisa

Banana, honey, peanut butter and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon Jodie

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