Fewer bees, 20 to 30% less honey production in Saskatchewan. after a harsh winter and spring


Saskatchewan beekeepers face a 20 to 30 percent drop in honey production this year after a harsh winter and spring wreaked havoc on the province’s honey bee numbers.

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission said there was a 35 to 40 percent death rate in beehives.


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There are approximately 100,000 bee colonies in the province operated by approximately 1,000 beekeepers.

Commission President Simon Lalonde said beekeepers will rebuild themselves but have a lean year with the expected reduction.


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He said agricultural production, especially canola, could decline by 4 to 10 percent due to fewer insect pollinators.

Saskatchewan produces about 25 percent of Canada’s honey crop, or more than 8.6 million kilograms per year.

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