Five romantic date ideas in Brisbane for this week, from budget to blast

Tired of the classic nightly movie and dinner combo? U.S. too. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new things to do, scouring the city for non-boring activities in Brisbane – ones that are guaranteed to take your next date way beyond the beers made before. at pub. Whether you’re taking someone on a second date or making your 100th with your partner, we’ve got some awesome (and, yes, cute) ideas for dates this week, no matter how much money you have. spend. Just think of us as your cultural wingman. You’re welcome.




Maybe you and your plus one will see a glowing giraffe. Maybe you will spot a dazzling koala. Or, you might find yourself staring at the sun – but much closer than usual. These are just some of the lanterns that could light up the inky night sky during the 2022 Bright Lantern Parade, with the event returning to South Bank Parklands from 5pm on Friday June 10.

The parade doesn’t just give the riverside spot a new shine for fun. It celebrates multiculturalism, and has done so for 15 years now. During this period, it has become quite a heavy event. This year’s crowd might be a little more spread out than usual, but the parade will always champion diversity – and also welcome new Queenslanders, including migrants, refugees, international students and asylum seekers .

As well as the main event – ​​which is free to attend – there will also be live music and performances in South Bank Piazza afterwards.




When Christmas rolls around each year, Nundah’s markets stay awake late, swapping one of its usual daytime events for a shindig at dusk. This kind of fun isn’t just for being festive, though. In 2022, it is also to celebrate the beginning of winter.

Meet Nundah by Night, which will take place from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 11. On the program: shopping, eating, drinking and having fun in the middle of the year. There will be a range of places to buy handmade items – over 120 stalls, in fact – with clothes, jewelry, art, household items, soap, candles and everything which is edible. You and your significant other will find both gourmet dishes and festive treats (including bites to eat during your stay).

For your $2 entry fee, you can enjoy a period of browsing and shopping under the site’s fairy lights at the usual Nundah Markets location on Station Street. And you can also stop by the Stone & Wood bar for a craft beer.

Live music is also on the program, as is a petting zoo and traveling performers. And if you’re wondering what you’ll be snacking on, gingerbread, South American BBQ plates, steamed and fried Tibetan momos, karaage chicken and vegan pizza are just a few of the dishes on the menu.




It’s not every day that one of the best bars in the world starts serving drinks in Brisbane. It’s not every day that you and your special partner get to sip a cocktail from a treasure chest, either. But both of those things are now a reality at Brisbane’s Living Room Bar, which has just launched a boozy collaboration with Spain’s Paradiso, one of the best watering holes on the planet.

This best label in the world is not just hype; on the list of the 50 best bars in the world for 2021, the Barcelona spot came third. The place is acclaimed for its striking design (which obviously didn’t make the jump to Brissie) and its elaborate Universo menu (which absolutely did).

Wondering why a cocktail menu is so popular that it’s named one of the most outstanding in the world? The Universo range by Paradiso bets on theatricality; think: bright green concoctions, drinks in smoky domes, dry ice, light and innovative glassware, and a special drink served in a treasure chest. Inspired by the cosmos – hence the name of the menu – the Universo range of drinks is led by the Treasure of the Mediterranean, which is both salty and sour with its mixture of elderflower, honey, citrus , coriander and oyster leaf sherry. And yes, it’s the drink that comes in its own box, with smoke billowing out when you open the trunk.

In addition to ten drinks from Paradiso, W Brisbane also offers Spanish-style tapas such as jamones ibericos with guindilla peppers and picos (Spanish breadsticks); duck pâté with Davidson plum compote on rye; and flatbread with hummus, fried chorizo, and shrimp. And, it pairs sips and bites to eat with live beats every Friday and Saturday night.



Morgane Roberts


A lot can happen in five years. Two people can meet, fall in love, get married and then see their marital bliss come to an end. This is the story of budding writer Jamie and rising actress Cathy in The last five years, which sees him sharing their story from start to finish, and working backwards, and the two sing about it. And, their individual accounts only intersect once.

Of course, a lot can happen in 21 years too. That’s how long it’s been since the series premiered in Chicago and then made its way to Broadway the following year. In 2015 it became a movie starring Anna Kendrick. Now Australian Danielle Remulta and Briton Robert Tripolino take to the stage at La Boite and enter the story.

You and your partner can stretch out between Monday, May 30 and Saturday, June 18, and discover a powerful story about love, life, and sharing an existence with someone while still feeling like strangers. You’ll also see a classic written by Tony-winning playwright Jason Robert Brown (Parade, Madison County Bridges), and a show that’s been walking the boards for over two decades now for a reason.




Japan may be slowly reopening to Australian tourists, but you and your favorite person can pretend you’re hanging out in Shinjuku right now just by heading to the Gold Coast. To encounter Maho Magic Barwhich is a bar, performance space and show all rolled into one – all thanks to Broad Encounters, aka the folks behind this bizarre Edgar Allen Poe-inspired warehouse experience A midnight visit which scared Brisbane in 2021.

Here, neon lighting sets the mood, cherry blossoms soar overhead, and sake cocktails and shōchū lead the drink menu. In addition, magic shows take place at your table. An immersive event from the moment you approach its bright exterior – which blazes at Spielgeltent Gold Coast in Southport until Sunday July 3 – it’s designed to replicate an evening in Tokyo and evoke a sense of “anything can happen”. .

Ace of setup: Whether you love magic or just don’t think it’s your thing, you’ll always be entertained as the atmosphere (and the drinks and those lights) are part of the appeal . Yet magic is a big part of it nonetheless. Shattering illusions: Shohgo Yamashita from Osaka, Kaori Kitazawa, who breaks gender stereotypes, the close-up magician Sarito and the bearded Jonio, as well as Johnny Balance from Melbourne.

As for drinks, beer, wine, and soft drinks are also offered, as well as umeshu and sodas.

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