Four date ideas to get you out of the heat

New Orleans is generally warm during the summer months – even when, like recently, we have plenty of temporarily cooling rain. Summer seems to last from April to October, but something about this summer seems very hot and humid.

If you’re anything like us, it makes you want to flee the outdoors and head for the nearest building or structure with lots of cold air. So what happens when you want to set up a date with your sweetheart, but don’t want to sweat through your cute new outfit?

We have a few ideas to keep you away from the heat while still having fun.

Appointment 1:

Head to a museum! New Orleans is no stranger to history and our museums are some of the best in the country.

National World War II Museum

New Orleans Art Museum

South Ogden Art Museum

The pharmacy museum

The New Orleans Historical Collection

Mardi Gras world


Backstreet Cultural Museum

New Orleans Jazz Museum

Museum of Death

Studio Being

The Sazerac House

Southern Jewish Experience Museum

Appointment 2:

Looking for something a little more understated? Head to the Prytania or The Broad cinemas for a movie. Then stroll to a restaurant along Prytania Street or near the Broad in Mid-City.

Appointment 3:

Take a show or a concert in one of the theaters or venues in the city.

The Saenger


The Civic

The Orpheus


French Street

Appointment 4:

Most New Orleans residents are all pros when it comes to a good bar hop time, but the city is no stranger to the growing popularity of breweries. Upgrade your bar and opt for a brewery tour in the city instead.

Port Orleans


Urban South

Happy Raptor

Second line brewing

Brieux Square

Pareaux Beer Lab

Honey Brewery

NOLA Brewery

Wetlands sake

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