Hair Color Ideas: Trending Shades to Try in 2022, According to the Pros

From Billie Eilish’s Butter Blonde at Gigi Hadid’s Ginger, 2021 saw an explosion of warm, quirky hues as the world began to open up again. But what does next year hold for us in terms of Hair any color ideas? Will we see a return to slime green or peroxide blonde? Or will 2022 be a darker affair? Here, the experts make their hair color trend predictions.

matt ground

Warm up

“The heat returns in 2022. Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, incorporate warm tones into your figure. Ask your colorist to add a “medium light” to their highlighting technique. It gives the warmer, deeper color that connects your base and the lightest highlight seamlessly, creating a controlled, multi-dimensional, and warmer result.

Daniel Moon

be bold

“Sandy blondes like Sharon Tate will be great, as will electric coral because it looks great on everyone’s skin. It’s like capturing the magic hour in a hair color. Then there’s Simi and Haze, the dynamic twin duo from Los Angeles who are doing the best. Natural but light. The dark blonde brings out the features like a brunette but is light enough not to completely change the mood.

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Nikki Lee

Go for high maintenance

“Get ready for high maintenance color in 2022!” Everyone has been low maintenance and basic for the past two years and we are everywhere! I can’t wait to see double-processed blondes (light base with highlights) like Paris Hilton and dramatic, dark hair like Megan Fox.

Rita Hazan

Stay natural

“My prediction for hair color in 2022 is natural base colors, with lots of dimension and glossy highlights. Chocolate brown, caramel blonde, auburn red.

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Michel Canale

Personalization is key

“As we enter 2022, you will see a move away from balayage and over-bleached two-tone looks that can damage hair. Instead, the trend will focus on maintaining healthier hair with blended and customized natural hair colors that complement each person’s individual skin undertones.You can enhance and maintain these custom hair colors with the Color by Canalé range of products, including the Iconic glosses available in Midnight Blue, Cool Blue and Sunkissed Gold to complement your skin tones.

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Louise Galvin

Try a scan

“Inspired by the catwalks of Chanel, Dior and Celine, the hair returns to elegance and simplicity in contrast with the bold colors and styles of fashion. Young and fresh, blondes will have shades of honey, caramel with butter, lemon and marigold – think of Cher Horowitz in clueless.

A strong Galvin classic from the ’70s is childhood winter summer hair. Capturing those sun-kissed locks of summer as the hair grows through the winter months, the colors play out throughout the length of the hair. As summer turns into fall, then winter, the dark underside plays against the movement of the lighter end lengths – a little balayage will hold the look together and prolong the illusion.

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