Hairstyle trends 2022: four ideas to try right away

Qthen we talk about hair trends novelties are never lacking: whether they come from overseas, thanks to the stars always on the lookout for the latest hair look, or salons, which are on pace, every moment is good to think about changing your look. Here are four trends to watch, also in anticipation of next spring.

Hairstyle trends 2022, the news to watch

Blonde “Lumi lights” like Gigi Hadid, “Iily shag” cuts (Selena Gomez style) or “liquid hair” like Kim Kardashian: hair advances for spring 2022

1. Long: the “Liquid Hair” that stars love so much

Of “Liquid Hair” been talked about for some time, especially in Hollywood, where the foliage brightness is always at the top of celebrity wish lists.

And it is precisely the shine that distinguishes this trend. The “liquid” of the definitionIndeed, it refers to extra smooth and flowing hair, able to reflect light like moving water does. A goal that seems difficult to achieve, but not that much.

“At the base of a hair like this, there is first a healthy hair”, he explains Fabrizio Palmieri, creative director of TONI & GUY Italya brand that offered “liquid hair” in its latest collection, Immersion.

“It is a look with a dark base on which warmer reflections are proposed, for example in bronze tones. Contemporary light strips, which have nothing to do with those of the 90s, and which create a perfect balance to reflect the light”.

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Such an effect, of course, can also be achieved on medium hair, what matters is create the right balance between lengths and highlights.

2. “Lumi lights” blondes, in full light

There is no shortage of beautiful proposals for fans of blondes. “I recommend the “lumi lights”, games of light that allow you to obtain a very natural result”, adds Palmieri. “The secret is a interweaving shades of honey blonde and natural colors, which gives especially to those with medium and fine hair”.

The reason? “It tends to add volume to the hair, making it appear fuller. The result is not built at all, even if there is important work behind it. That’s what they would define in America “Expensive”, which should not be literally translated as “expensive”, but which corresponds to a “wow effect” look, as if you were wearing a top-of-the-range dress”, specifies the expert.

4. The cut: the “lily cut”, the “flower” shag suitable for everyone

For those who, on the other hand, among the hair trends 2022 were looking for a completely new cut, it is kiss it might be the right choice. Forget the parades of seventies rockers: today the shag is decidedly more feminine, refined and wearable.

“We renamed it ‘coupe lily’” – continues Fabrizio Palmieri – “A medium inspired by the stacked petals of the fleur-de-lis. Thanks to the strong internal scaling, it adapts to many face types”.

A cut that today it really is for everyone, regardless of age. “On an older woman it softens the features, certainly better than two static locks around the face as it plumps up and looks fantastic, but it’s also very relevant for girls. I recommend wearing it with a bit long and full bangscontinues Palmieri.

“You could say it’s not very comfortable, but the bangs are an accessory, and like so many fashion accessories, it was certainly not born to be practical: if it has a nice movement, if it is interesting, dare!“.

5. Foiling waves, for those looking for movement

Another timeless, now classic long and short hair are waveswhose success was also confirmed by the last Sanremo Festival.

For a really irresistible result, I would combine them with “foilayage” (not to be confused with the foliage already known, nda)»- suggests Fabrizio Palmieri – “A lightening technique that is achieved by mixing balayage with ‘highlights’ with a ‘blushed’ finish, that is, more decisive”.

The right cut? “Better long, slightly chipped, contemporary and current”, concludes the expert.

In short, it is really impossible to resist such a style. After all, everyone wants it, divas or not. And with good reason.


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