Last Minute Walmart Gift Ideas

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Santa Claus approves the 8 gifts we found that will be shipped for free, with no minimum order! (Photo: Getty)

Now is the moment when I suddenly remember all the people on our list who I wanted to buy for but didn’t. The teacher! The cat sitter! Aunt Fanny in Minnesota! My husband! This is the kind of time that Walmart + subscriptions are made for.

The retail giant’s delivery service offers more than just groceries. He’s a vacation assistant! And if you sign up now, you can have last-minute gifts delivered to where they need to go – whether it’s your doorstep or across the country – in time for Christmas, with free delivery and no minimum order. I think you’ll want to use the service for festive decorations, dinner preparation, and overnight guest accommodation as well. Don’t hang around in the air; this offer ends December 19.

To test the service for certain holiday purchases, sign up for the 15-day Walmart + free trial (psst: you get an extra 15 days by answering a few questions). If you like it, you can continue the subscription for a monthly fee of $ 12.95 (or $ 98 annually). Membership is also useful for many things this time of year – decorating parties, preparing dinner, hosting overnight guests and more – but it’s also great year round for the shopping delivery. There are even fresh products!

If you’re still on the hunt for freebies, take a look at these eight goodies I found, many of which are on sale right now.

The pioneer woman saves the holidays with this glorious Dutch oven.  (Photo: Walmart)

The pioneer woman saves the holidays once again with this glorious Dutch oven. (Photo: Walmart)

A gift any cook will cherish, this 6 Quart Dutch Oven from the Pioneer Woman herself would be especially great for that ever gracious host in your life. It beautifully prepares favorite dishes (hearty stews, roasts) while enhancing the appearance of the dish at the table. It’s so beautiful they’ll never want to hide it. The colors (green, red and white) are stunning – and just take a look at this cover with the golden button and embossed flowers!

This Dutch oven received an impressive 4.8 star rating from buyers. One fan commented, “It’s made for comfortable cooking! It cooks evenly and efficiently, has a durable enamel finish inside and out, and dimples on the underside of the lid to collect condensation and help brush … “

$ 35 $ 50 at Walmart

Brita Water Bottle (Photo: Walmart)

For your health. From: Brita. (Photo: Walmart)

Everyone drinks water. How about gifting those left on your list this Brita 20oz Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle? Top Rated Best Seller improves the taste of tap water by reducing chlorine and keeping the water nice and cold.

“This is a game-changer! I don’t like the water flowing from my tap, and I also like being environmentally conscious by not using bottled water if I’m at home. This allows you to be green and always hydrate with good, filtered water! “

$ 22 $ 30 at Walmart

Go to the ends for them.  (Photo: Walmart)

Go to the ends for them. (Photo: Walmart)

Teachers are using hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners all day more than ever. Their hands are particularly dry, tired and quite simply worn out. Winter break is fast approaching, so my daughter and I are going to thank her teacher with a little something she can really use: healing hand creams! This Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes gift set contains six nourishing items. Four of them are dedicated to hand TLC: Almond & Milk Hand Cream, Honey & Grape Seed Hand Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and a serious Hand Salve. Also included: a coconut foot cream and a lightly tinted pomegranate lip balm. Everything is ready to be gifted in a pretty bee box, no packaging required.

One happy shopper shared, “Got it for Christmas and loved it … The little round white container is the almond milk cream and it’s my favorite. It smells great and hydrates well. … The balm really has no odor and it’s perfect for the winter, when your skin is dry and cracked, it fixes it as quickly as possible. [Use it for] rough skin, feet, elbows, knees or just as a lip balm or in place of a lotion. “

$ 12 at Walmart

Fuji Instax (Photo: Walmart)

This pink camera is so adorable that you will want to take a photo of it. (Photo: Walmart)

Instant cameras are hot again. It seems we missed the tactile pleasure of holding photos in our hands, and having them instantly is so gratifying. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S instant camera (with a 10-film pack) is on sale for just $ 59 (was $ 70). A fun gift for kids, grandparents, and all ages in between! Choose from pink, light blue, and white.

A customer found many uses for this cutie: “Take a photo and write down a message for a friend. [Use it] at a baby shower or bridal party … Take a picture of your shoes and place it outside the box to immediately find the shoes you are looking for. And of course a simple and unique scrapbooking … “

$ 59 $ 70 at Walmart

Top-notch robovac at 60% off?  Vacuums for all my friends!  (Photo: Walmart)

Top-notch robovac at 60% off? Vacuums for all my friends! (Photo: Walmart)

My husband bought a terrific Anker Eufy robovac in November – an early gift since we added a puppy to our family. Hate to tell him, but he should have waited … Right now the Anker Eufy 25C slim robot vacuum is principally marked down ($ 99, was $ 250). It will be a welcome gift for a partner, parent, or just about anyone who doesn’t like vacuuming.

The Eufy accepts commands via button, app, and voice (if you pair it with an Alexa or Google Home smart speaker). Bonus: it works quietly enough that it doesn’t scare pets or annoy me.

One delighted reviewer wrote: “Love my Eufy Robovac !! … whether it’s stuck, cleaning, or needs to be emptied, the app will alert you. My favorite feature will have to be be the edge cleaner – it just cleans against the corners and walls around the whole house. There is also no problem to go from hardwood floors, tiles to rugs without getting stuck … my family are getting one for Christmas this year. ”

$ 99 $ 250 at Walmart

Help them build the ______ of their dreams.  (Photo: Walmart)

Help them build the ______ of their dreams. (Photo: Walmart)

We’re so busy giving away cute, themed LEGO sets that we’ve forgotten about the open beauty of basic bricks. Let their imaginations take over with this 1,504-piece LEGO set that includes a variety of colors and shapes (bricks, wheels, windows, doors, eyes) and four baseplates. While there are clear instruxes for building cool items, such as elephants and castles, there are also plenty of opportunities for invention, exploration, and creativity! And the selling price is right: $ 40, compared to $ 70. (Note: The LEGO store has never released them for sale and does not have them in stock at all yet.)

A satisfied buyer loves the “big collection” which “spurts the creative juices”. The reviewer continues, “Who doesn’t love LEGOs? Even adults love to put them together to build something … My grandsons were delighted to have this box for Christmas. Don’t step on it.”

40 $ $ 70 at Walmart

They will gain insight into their ancestry and health with this 23andMe kit!  (Photo: Walmart)

They will gain insight into their ancestors and their health with this 23andMe kit. (Photo: Walmart)

Fortunately, my husband doesn’t read my messages unless I Make him, so I can divulge my main gift to him (and myself): I bought a 23andMe Health and Ancestry DNA test for each of us. Years ago we tried a similar DNA kit which was super interesting but the details you can get with this one are downright fascinating and could really benefit our family. To use it, we’ll just send a saliva sample and they’ll process it (lab fees included). In six to eight weeks, we will learn more about the impact of our genetics on our health and whether we are carriers or predisposed to certain conditions. We will also be able to deepen our ancestors. That’s exciting!

One delighted reviewer wrote: “Due to DNA, our family connected with a family member we knew nothing about! We are all very excited.”

$ 179 at Walmart

A Walmart + membership is truly a gift that keeps coming.  (Photo: Walmart)

A Walmart + membership is truly a gift that keeps coming. (Photo: Walmart)

A one-year Walmart + membership for a loved one can be everyone’s best gift! I’m giving one to my dad, who’s blind, this year. I spoke on the phone with a manager at Walmart +, who told me the retailer would even accept my dad’s orders over the phone, making it easier for him to shop for daily needs. This membership will allow him to get free same-day delivery of his groceries and more, and he will also save on prescriptions. And, of course, I remind him that as a member he sends me as many gifts as he wants, for free. ; )

$ 98 at Walmart

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