Solar panel fields help increase honey production in photovoltaic hives

With a futuristic bee farm with innovative technologies and smart beehives within the photovoltaic park, beekeeping increases crop yield by increasing the degree of pollination. In a prime example, bees thrive in this corner of southern Spain, as reported by Juan Ignacio Lopez and his family, who keep bees and produce honey in Carmona, in a CGTN article.

“The apiary, otherwise known as a hive collection, sits in a wide expanse of wildflowers and plants that have been planted between the solar panels and allowed to grow naturally,” Lopez explained. “And that means no herbicides, no agricultural chemicals, making it a perfect habitat for bees and other pollinating insects.”

High-tech hives

The hives, which are monitored from a special control center, are equipped with a wide range of special sensors to measure temperature and humidity and ensure that the bees remain healthy. Hive entrances are opened and closed at certain times to regulate internal air circulation. In addition, beekeepers can remotely control honey production and even prevent theft thanks to GPS trackers. All this allows the production of “solar” honey.

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