Summer breakfast ideas for growing kids

Breakfast is a vital meal for children. It sets the tone for the energy level of the day. Something that may be missing during the summer when the weather gets hot and the kids don’t feel like eating much during the afternoon. That’s why designing breakfasts that will energize and keep kids full is essential to keep them going, even when temperatures soar. Especially when growing kids are who these summer breakfast ideas are for.

As children grow during the summer, their appetites also grow. Not chained to a desk, kids are free to run around as they see fit to burn off energy. But with the burning of this energy comes the need for high calorie foods. And one of the best times to make sure kids are full is during breakfast.

That’s why finding breakfasts with protein, vegetables, fruits, etc., is essential to provide sustained energy for children to carry out their daily activities, even if those activities are just running. with friends.

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Here are summer breakfast ideas for growing kids.

ten Yogurt parfait

Full of calcium, protein, fruit, stomach-friendly probiotics and more, yogurt parfaits make a great summer breakfast for growing kids.

One thing parents may want to watch out for is the sugar content of the parfait. After all, it’s supposed to be a healthy breakfast. Not something that raises blood sugar.

The best way to do this, according to Health Line, is to monitor the amount of sugar in the granola. A great way to keep sugar low and taste high is to make granola from scratch. Something that’s easy to make and may just taste better than store-bought varieties.

9 Chia Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are not only heart-healthy, but also nutritious and filling, depending on the ingredients added to the recipe. Chia seeds are very healthy for the body and the brain.

According Eat this, not that, chia seeds can decrease inflammation in the body. They also support brain health, given that they are loaded with omega-3s, according to the publication.

Therefore, when making oats overnight, add a teaspoon of chia seeds and boost the nutrition level exponentially.

8 Vegetable and Lean Protein Omelette

Considering their high protein content, eggs are probably one of the most perfect foods out there. Add vegetables and lean protein, and a complete meal is made for the summer for growing kids.

Because it’s so dense in protein and fiber, kids will be full for hours. It is something that is useful when the summer weather is hot and therefore the appetite is minimal.

seven breakfast burrito

Breakfast burritos aren’t just easy to make, they can be made to order. And for that reason, no matter how taste buds vary from child to child, they are sure to please.

Not only are breakfast burritos good during the summer, but they can also serve as a hearty breakfast during the school year. And because they can be frozen ahead of time and just reheated in the microwave, according to peanut flowerthey make a great breakfast for growing kids all year round.

6 smoothie bowl

When the mornings start to get hot, eating a hot breakfast is the last thing kids will want to do. As such, whip up a smoothie bowl. Children will not be disappointed.

What kids will love about smoothie bowls is that they can design them themselves. All they need to do this is fresh fruit, shredded coconut, or other toppings they enjoy. There is no right way to create a bowl. And the antioxidants, fiber, calcium and more kids get from bowls will do their growing bodies good.

5 Avocado and Egg Toast

Not only is Avocado and Egg Toast delicious and easy to make, but it’s a healthy breakfast for growing children.

According Healthy fitness meals, avocado and egg toast is packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats and more. For this reason, it not only keeps the body full, but it is also a good brain food for children.

4 egg cups

Egg cups are as delicious to eat as they are easy to prepare. And because they’re so versatile, they make an easy breakfast for kids who need protein in a short time.

The best part about egg cups is that they can be made ahead and frozen, depending on Well tackled by Erin. So kids can make their own healthy breakfast during the summer just by popping a few egg cups in the microwave instead of pouring out a bowl of sugar-filled cereal.

3 Protein cookies

Really want to ditch the kids this summer for breakfast? Bake protein cookies to give growing kids enough fuel to get through the morning with ease.

For those who want to try a protein cookie recipe, these Peanut butter oatmeal the cookies aren’t just packed with 12 grams of protein and eight grams of fiber per serving, there’s no added sugar. It’s a delicious way for kids to have breakfast this summer.

2 Breakfast sandwich

Kids love sandwiches. As such, make them a breakfast sandwich and fuel their bodies all morning.

With eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and even lean protein, breakfast sandwiches are delicious and can be made to be nutritious. And because they can be custom-made, breakfast sandwiches are a meal everyone will enjoy.

1 Fruit Waffles

When people think of waffles, they picture gallons of syrup with slices of butter, or even mile-high whipped cream. But that doesn’t need to be the case. And when they’re not, waffles make a nutritious meal for growing kids.

By simply adding fresh fruit and even a little honey to waffles, kids will have a summer breakfast they’ll crave time and time again. And because fresh fruit can be changed constantly, different flavor combinations can be tried, it may take a while for breakfast waffles to get old for growing kids.

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