The best Christmas ornaments for dogs and cats


The best Christmas ornaments for dogs and cats

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Half the fun of Christmas is personalizing your tree to match your personality.

So if you’re an obsessed pet parent, then of course you want your pet to have a place – or multiple places – on your tree.

Whether you are looking for something sweet and sentimental, or something specially personalized, here is a list of the best Christmas decorations to show how much you love your cat or dog.

A nice customizable ornament for the whole family


© Amazon

You can personalize it to include your kids too!

A paw print souvenir

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This kit allows you to mold your pet’s paw so that you can hang its footprint for everyone to see. And that makes two ornaments to double the fun (or a gift for beloved grandparents)!

A hand painted portrait of your BFF

© Etsy

These glass ornaments are a lovely way to celebrate your pet.

A personalized dog silhouette

© Etsy

There are 50 (!!!) different silhouettes to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

A personalized wooden ornament

© Etsy

This painting of your pet will add a lovely rustic touch to your tree.

A customizable cat silhouette

a close up of a clock

© Etsy

You can sit the cat silently or hit the sled. In addition, you can choose between light or dark wood.

A bone-shaped mold for your puppy’s paw

© Chewy

Imagine your dog’s little footprint hanging from the tree.

A nice collection of dogs in Christmas hats

a group of people of different colors

© Wayfair

This sculpted set is perfect for someone who loves all kinds of dogs. And the hand painted pieces are so beautiful, it’s definitely worth it.

A checkered photo frame

© Chewy

Your photogenic friend will look so festive in this checkered frame. Plus, you can personalize the text just for her.

An ornament filled with real goodies


© Chewy

It will definitely be your dog’s favorite thing on the tree.

A handmade ornament for cats of all kinds

a box with different items

© Etsy

These ceramic ornaments can be styled as a bunch of different races, and there’s even a customization option!

A checkered metal bone that you can customize

a close up of a dog

© Chewy

You can customize this with your favorite photo of your puppy, and any text you want!

A ceramic ornament that you can personalize for your dog

a close up of a tree

© Etsy

You could get an ornament for your puppy’s face or even their entire body!

A wooden cat ornament

© Etsy

There are 12 different designs to choose from and you can personalize it with your cat’s name.

A blurred felt bone

© Etsy

Not only can you personalize it with your puppy’s name, but you can also brighten it up with a paw print or a heart.

A personalized wooden cat silhouette

© Etsy

You can even change the color to match your personality (or that of your cat).

Silver and gold dog ornaments

© Mark & ​​Graham

You can choose from five styles: Labrador, Poodle, Chihuahua, Golden Retriever, and Bone. And if you want to splurge, you can have them monogrammed for a personal touch.

The cutest felt Christmas kittens

a close up of a stuffed toy

© Etsy

These cuties come in a variety of styles. And no matter which one you choose, they look so cute in these Santa hats.

A handcrafted wooden ornament for dog and cat lovers

© Etsy

Seeing a cat and a dog get along in perfect harmony makes this rustic decoration so much sweeter.

A personalized paw ornament

a close up of a flower

© Etsy

This little heart adds the cutest touch to this customizable ornament. And you can even choose the bow you want!

A Polaroid-style photo frame

a close up of a logo

© Mark & ​​Graham

It’s a great way to celebrate your favorite moment with your pet. And if the Polaroid look isn’t your style, you can get a classic square frame instead. Plus, you can have it burnt for a little extra cash.

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