The Raw Honey Family Presents Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank

Summer, Kam, Zoe and Zach Johnson on Shark Tank (ABC / Christopher Willard)

In season 13 of Shark aquarium, a family of four entrepreneurs from Kingwood, New Jersey, showcase their hobby turned business Zach & Zoë Sweet Bee Farm. The small town family started beekeeping in 2015 to help relieve their son Zach’s allergies, and is now on a mission to “change the way people think about honey and bees ever since, a pot of honey. that time “.

In 2020 the family were caught on live TV, see above, when Oprah winfrey named Zach & Zoë Sweet Farm Raw Honey one of their favorite things on their famous holiday shopping list. (See the video below.)

At Shark aquarium, the Johnsons (including kids Zach and Zoe) get the chance to throw in front of three Sharks – Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky (GENRE Bars) – who invested in another bee-related company, the honey wine brand vine bee.

Also note: Cuban and Barbara corcoran (who is also present on the Zach & Zoe pitch) has also invested in Bee without honey, a liquid sweetener that tastes of honey but made from apples.

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