The Vacaville beekeeping farm partially destroyed by the LNU Lightning complex


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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – As the line of fire drew closer, a company in Vacaville had to give up their life’s job to escape the flames of the Hennessey blaze, part of the LNU Lightning complex.

“It happened so quickly, the tide turned. We didn’t know it would come so quickly, ”said Caroline Yelle, co-owner of Pope Canyons Queens.

Yelle is co-owner of a bee breeding business in Vacaville.

She said she, her life partner and her mentor watched the flames take over their farm, their store, and her business partner’s home.

But they weren’t prepared for the devastation left behind.

“You get there, you see it’s all gone and your mind just isn’t keeping up with what’s really going on in front of your eyes,” Yelle told FOX40.

Entire hives, once buzzing with bees in six of their eight locations, have been reduced to ashes.

“How these survive, one survives and those next to them survive, I can’t even tell you that something has happened so far as the wind has changed.” It’s a miracle they’re here, ”Yelle said.

In total, 500 beehives were lost. It is worth at least $ 100,000.

But Yelle said the loss is more than money.

“It hurts, but it’s really the staple of our food. And for us, that’s, that’s all we do. We love them as our pets, ”Yelle said.

Yelle said she and her business partner will be rebuilding their farm and colony.

“I try to focus on what’s left and not what’s gone,” Yelle said.

She said she was more committed than ever to her mission to save the bees.

“Continue the project. I cannot give up, giving up these bees, our project will be like giving up feeding the nation. I don’t do that, ”Yelle said.

The queens of Pope Canyon say they hope to be ready to breed with the bees she left by next spring, but they will need the community’s help to do so.

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