This Airbnb Bee Farm Stay in Italy Is Like Sleeping in a Giant Beehive

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a giant beehive? It’s probably not something you’ve ever thought about before, but there’s an Airbnb bee farm stay in Italy that you’ll want to add to your to-do list ASAP. The Wonder Bee & Bee on Airbnb gives you the opportunity to stay in your very own apiary which has a million neighboring bees. Of course, if you have any flashbacks to this scene in My girl, no need to worry. The nine beehives surrounding the Airbnb stay are protected by netting, so you don’t have to worry about bees entering your home away from home.

The Wonder Bee & Bee on Airbnb was built in an olive grove in southern Italy for World Bee Day on May 20, and all proceeds from bookings will go to NGO Wonder Grottole’s bee conservation projects. A holiday that brings you closer to nature and also helps it? Yes please.

Wonder Bee & Bee host and beekeeper Rocco Filomeno said he built the unique experience to help people connect with bees. “It’s the first place in the world where you can sleep immersed in the distinctive sound and aroma of bees, experiencing ‘bee therapy’ in the most authentic and natural way”, he shared in a press release.

Although they keep them out, the netting allows you to see and hear the bees buzzing. The sounds of nature can be quite relaxing, that’s what you need for your unique vacation. Not only are the bees a reason you should book a stay at Wonder Bee & Bee, but the house itself is also an Instagram-worthy sight. Made of fir and birch wood, this one-bedroom house is a comfortable stay for you and your partner or best friend.

Where is the Airbnb Bee Farm stay?

You will need a passport for the Airbnb Bee Farm Stay as it is located in Provincia di Matera, Basilicata, Italy. The Wonder Bee & Bee was also built in the middle of an olive grove with a wonderful view of the garden. While staying at this Airbnb, you will have access to the bee farm house, an outdoor bathroom, and the garden, which is also shared by the owners of the olive grove.

Since this experience is about becoming one with nature, there is no electricity. However, you will be provided with LED lights that charge in the sun, so be sure to also pack some solar phone chargers so you can take tons of cute photos during your stay. The lack of electricity also means you won’t have a fridge, but you will be provided with a cooler bag of cold water and your stay includes a breakfast of ricotta, strawberries, homemade biscuits and fresh honey of your a-bee-friendly neighbors.

While you want to spend time in the garden and maybe even use it as an excuse to visit places in Italy that you want to see, you will also want to relax in your Wonder Bee & Bee. After all, the house has a lookout horn inside that lets you really observe the bees in their natural environment.

How much does the Airbnb Bee Farm stay cost?

If that sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime stay for you, the Wonder Bee & Bee isn’t that expensive at all. In fact, a stay starts at $144 a night. You’ll also be covered by Airbnb’s brand new AirCover which includes things like a guarantee to get what you booked and you’ll be fully refunded or Airbnb will find you a similar or better stay if your host needs to cancel. within 30 days.

The Wonder Bee & Bee is also listed under the new “OMG!” from Airbnb. category, which includes a number of interesting homes that will give you that unique getaway. Of course, if you’re looking for a cottagecore-tinged trip with your Dear, this stay at the beekeeping farm is made for you.

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