Tim McGraw’s Christmas tree is so huge he needed a ridiculously high ladder to decorate it


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  • Tim McGraw shared photos of his massive Christmas tree on Instagram, and he needed a ridiculously tall ladder to decorate it.
  • In the blueprints, he sits at the very top of the ladder, using a long pole to manipulate branches and straddling the ladder – one leg in the air – adjusting the garlands.
  • “A: the reindeer flying in front of Santa Claus B: my wife is trying to get rid of me before Christmas,” he captioned insolently.

Tim mcgraw has been skydiving and rock climbing in the Rocky Mountains, but pruning a Christmas tree may be his most “Live as if you were dying” experience yet. When attaching the topper and string garland requires a ridiculously high ladder and fine gymnastics, the task turns from festive to dangerous, quick.

The country star shared some pictures of the getaway (presumably broken by his wife, Faith Hill) to show how massive the tree is and the hoops it had to go through to decorate it. In the blueprints he sits at the very top of the ladder (hands free!) He uses a long pole to manipulate a few branches and rides the ladder – one leg up – adjusting the garlands. This is a good thing he works a lot, because it must have required agility and balance.

“A: Santa’s flying reindeer B: my wife is trying to get rid of me before Christmas,” McGraw wrote insolently. He shared the photos on Instagram, Twitter, and TIC Tac.

Video: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a HUGE Christmas tree (TODAY)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a HUGE Christmas tree

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Placed in front of imposing bay windows, the tree far exceeds the chandelier suspended in the middle of the vaulted room. And for perspective, a full-sized ladder appears next to the giant ladder McGraw climbed, and it looks like a miniature version in comparison.

Fans and fans were delighted with the singer’s legend and also loved the elaborate but dangerous setting. “If Faith increased life insurance, I would check this ladder before I climb up to Tim. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ”one fan commented on Instagram. “Your tree is also the most beautiful and I am kidding of course.”

“It gives me so much anxiety lol,” added another. “Beautiful! You don’t have to be dizzy! Ouch 😳” another wrote. Someone else said what we all think, “I can just hear Faith say ‘a little to the left’ 🤣. “

While Christmas is very different than usual for many this year, the McGraw-Hill family are clearly trying to make the most of it.

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