Top 4 ideas for decorating an aquarium

Photo: Collected


Top 4 ideas for decorating an aquarium

Photo: Collected

An aquarium is an amazing decorative piece to add to your home. The crystal clear water, the ocean vibe and the colorful little fish swimming there bring a kind of calm to its surroundings. Not only is it surprisingly easy to maintain, but you are completely free to show your creativity while decorating your aquarium.

That being said, here are some unusual and super fun ideas to experiment with.

Photo: Collected


Top 4 ideas for decorating an aquarium

Photo: Collected

kingdom of imagination

While an ocean vibe is often displayed with rocks, shells, and plants amidst the sand, our imaginations shouldn’t be limited to that. Our favorite cartoon characters like the Little Mermaid, Spongebob, Nemo and Dory have shown us just how magical the underwater world can be. By collecting a few action figures, you can create your own aquatic world.

You may even have unexpected crossovers. Imagine how cool it would be if SpongeBob delivered crab cakes to Ariel’s castle!

Chill me out of the woods!

You can get adventurous with toy boats sinking to the bottom of your “ocean”. Also take a quick tour around the house to find old jewelry and marbles. Drop them in the sand as “treasure” and you have a pirate-themed aquarium.

Circus in town

Take a second to think about all the unusual acts in a circus, then go for it. For this one, you’ll need a quick visit to the nearest stores and a bit of DIY.

You can put a plastic dolphin balancing a ball on its nose in one corner while a unicycle can stand upright in another. Find some hoops big enough for your fish to swim in and tie them over colorful straws. Then place them firmly in the sand. You can actually teach your fish to jump through these hoops, nailing a classic “tiger leap” trick!

You can hang garlands around the aquarium to complete the circus.

A tea party

Going completely off the beaten path, you can organize a snack for your fish. Put a medium-sized teapot with two cups, making sure that the fish do not feel crowded in any way. You can also lay a tablecloth under the aquarium to give it an elegant look from the outside.

Who would have thought that an old porcelain service could do such wonders, right?

Where to find them

Although aquarium stores are nothing new, a little research can help you find the best deals and the best quality.

Nature Aquatics specializes in the sale of a wide range of marine fish, aquariums and decorations. Not only do they have an impressive collection of fish and decorations, but the water in their aquariums looks practically sparkling! What’s the secret ? Apparently, a regular thorough cleaning process, proper filtration, and weekly maintenance does the trick.

Founder and Managing Director, Ashraf Shiddke Rizve explains how the correct selection of decorative pieces largely depends on the type of aquarium one has.

“A freshwater aquarium can have both natural and artificial decor,” he says, “For example, you can choose to decorate it with rough aquatic plants, rocks, driftwood, etc., but they are not suitable for a saltwater aquarium.The saltwater aquarium itself is of two types.Where a “fish only” aquarium may be decorated with live rock, a “reef” aquarium may have rocks, live corals and reef friendly fish.

Other picks include Aqua Street located in the residential area of ​​Bashundhara and Fisher’s Cave by Unimart with all kinds of marine and tropical fish.

Decorating an aquarium can be a lot of fun, but the safety of our fish should be our top priority at all times. There are many guidelines and tips available these days for learning the proper filtration process and sanitizing decorative items before adding them to our aquariums. That being said, let’s get creative!

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