Trump says he wants to ‘hug everyone’ at first lopsided rally since COVID-19 diagnosis


Love is in the air, and so is COVID-19.

Donald Trump et al.  standing in front of a crowd: President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump

President Trump told his supporters in Florida on Monday night that he wanted to give them all “a big big kiss” after falsely insisting he had developed immunity to the coronavirus.


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“I’ve been there and now they say I’m immune. I feel so powerful. I’ll go in there, I’ll hug everyone in this audience, ”Trump said on stage in Sanford, Fla., During his first campaign rally since being diagnosed with the virus on Oct. 1. “I’m going to kiss guys and beautiful women, just give each other a big big kiss.”

Trump’s reckless claims go against the guidelines of federal public health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC says there is no evidence that immunity can be developed against COVID-19.

In fact, the CDC says it’s fair to assume immunity isn’t possible, as researchers have found that people can catch the deadly virus more than once.

But Trump – who did not wear a mask for his boisterous return to the election campaign – urged his supporters at Monday night’s rally to ‘get out’ more, as the U.S. coronavirus death toll surpassed 215,000.

Video: President Trump: White House Doctors Said I Could No Longer Spread The Virus (FOX News)

“You have to get out, and it’s risky, it’s risky, but you have to get out,” Trump said to the roars of his supporters, few of whom were wearing face masks. “It gives you a good feeling when you can beat something and now they say you’re immune.”

Trump’s resumption of the campaign in person comes despite concerns that he could still be contagious.

The CDC says COVID-19 patients who suffer from severe symptoms – which Trump did – can be contagious for “up to 20 days.”

Trump’s Florida rally came just 12 days after his initial diagnosis.

Still, Dr. Sean Conley, Trump’s personal physician, released a memo ahead of the rally saying the president “is not contagious to others.”

Conley said he arrived at this assessment after Trump recently tested negative “on consecutive days,” although he did not specify what that meant, causing confusion over the timing of the alleged results of the tests.

Trump plans to hold election rallies almost every day this week in a number of critical battlefield states, as polls show him beating Joe Biden in all areas just three weeks away from the election. November 3.

In addition to making false claims about COVID-19 immunity, Trump spent much of the rally describing Biden as a “puppet” of radical left forces, even though the former vice president has opinions clearly centrist on most political fronts.

“These people are crazy. We have to win, ”Trump said. “Biden ceded control to socialists, Marxists and left-wing extremists. “

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