VGP: two-hectare plant beekeeping farm in Győr

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VGP plants a beekeeping farm on two hectares in Győr

Budapest, 2022. August 2. – A bee farm awaits bees from the region at VGP Park Győr, and soon bird feeders will be installed on the 2-hectare plot by the company that develops, manages and owns high-quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate. The VGP Group is dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection not only when designing its building, but also on its unbuilt properties both at European and local level.

VGP Győr Ltd planted its first beekeeping farm in Hungary last fall at its property on Körtefa Street. The two hectares of land, sown with a mixture of perennial seeds, served the region’s bee colonies at full capacity this spring and summer. Due to the size of the area, the company worked with Syngenta Kft. under the “Beporzó program”, with the approval of the National Association of Hungarian Beekeepers.

“When we design our buildings, we are constantly looking for sustainability measures such as the use of renewable energy and energy savings. When it comes to land management, we focus on biodiversity not only for areas unbuilt but for all the space around our buildings after construction.After consulting with beekeeping experts, we decided to set up a bee farm in hopes that it will have a positive impact on the ecosystem of the area. », said the national director of the VGP, Károly Pálovics Pálovics.

The establishment of bee farms is particularly important because the number of pollinating insects has decreased by 20-40% in recent decades, mainly due to the loss of habitat for insects and fauna and the lack of feeding areas.

In addition to insects, the habitat of birds and mammalian fauna is also expanded with the planting of bee-keeping areas. Experience shows that areas which can be maintained for 3-4 years and which flower continuously multiply the number of wild bees and honeybees, and pheasants, quails, rabbits and deer regularly visit the area” , added Szabolcs Benke, an expert from Syngenta Ltd.

The Hungarian VGP team has no plans to build on the site of the Győr bee farm, so the two hectares owned by the company will provide habitat for pollinating insects for many years to come.


VGP is a pan-European developer, manager and owner of high quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate. VGP operates a fully integrated business model with longstanding capabilities and expertise across the entire value chain. The company has a development land fund (owned or committed) of 11.28 million m² and the strategic axis is the development of business parks. Founded in 1998 as a Belgian family-owned property developer in the Czech Republic, VGP, which has approximately 360 employees, today operates in 16 European countries directly and through several 50/50 joint ventures. As of December 2021, VGP’s gross asset value, including 100% joint ventures, was €5.75 billion and the company had a net asset value (EPRA NTA) of 2. 33 billion euros. VGP is listed on Euronext Brussels (ISIN: BE0003878957).

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