West Virginia Honey Production 2021

Charleston, West Virginia – Honey production in 2021 by producers at five or more colonies totaled 258,000 pounds, down 7% from 276,000 pounds in 2020. There were 6,000 producing colonies in 2021, unchanged from 2020. Yield per colony averaged 43 pounds, down 7 percent from yield per colony of 46 pounds in 2020. Honey stocks as of December 15, 2021 were reported at 136,000 pounds, down up 134 per cent from 58,000 pounds in 2020.

Prices for the 2021 crop averaged $4.80 per pound, up 26% from the price of $3.81 per pound in 2020. Production value totaled $1,238,000 , up $186,000, or 18%, from $1,052,000 in 2020.

United States – Honey production in 2021 totaled 126 million pounds, down 14% from 2020. There were 2.70 million colonies producing honey in 2021, down slightly from 2020. Yield per colony averaged 46.9 pounds, down 14% from 54.5 pounds in 2020. Colonies that produced honey in more than one state were counted in each state where honey was produced . Therefore, at the US level, the yield per colony may be underestimated, but the total production would not be affected. Colonies were not included if honey was not harvested. Producer honey inventories were 23.5 million pounds on December 15, 2021, down 41% from a year earlier. Inventories held by producers exclude those held under the Commodity Loan Program.

Honey prices increased 21% in 2021 to $2.54 per pound from $2.10 per pound in 2020. Prices at the US and state level reflect portions of honey sold through cooperatives, private channels and retailers. Prices for each color class are derived by weighting the quantities sold for each marketing channel. The 2020 harvest prices reflect honey sold in 2020 and 2021. Some of the honey from the 2020 harvest was sold in 2021, resulting in some revisions to the 2020 harvest prices.

The average prices paid in 2021 for honey bee queens, wrappers, and nucs were $20, $91, and $125, respectively. Pollination revenue for 2021 was $269 million, up 6% from 2020. Other honey bee revenue in 2021 was $102 million, up 82% from 2020.

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